Use XP

These are the outlined instructions for each of the five parts of eXperience Play. If you have specific questions, please reach out to Keegan & John. We are happy to help! 🙂


  • Students play games
  • Students discuss each game played (thoughts, ideas,mechanics, etc.)
  • Discussion – Meaningful Play (favorite story, etc.)
  • Divide into groups
  • Brainstorm game ideas

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  • Students outline a favorite story
  • Students outline their stories for their game
  • Students storyboard their stories
  • Discussion – Digital Storytelling

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  • Install Twine on computers
  • Teach Two Twine syntax outlined on Produce Page
  • Students use storyboards to build their Twine games
  • Students play-test each others game prototypes and give feedback
  • Discussion – Students as Creators

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  • Students keep working on their Twine games
  • Provide more Twine Syntax, OER assets, sample css, etc.
  • Students play-test each others games and give feedback
  • Discussion – Peer-to-Peer Learning

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  • Students put final touches on games (including copyright and citations)
  • Students submit final products
  • Teacher uploads to XP website (other publishing platforms are available)
  • Students play all of the finished Twine games
  • Discussion – Digital Literacy (based on the major talking points of the sessions)

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