Day 1

Introductions, Goals, Expectations (10AM)

We’ll spend some time getting to know one another and the journey we’ll be undertaking. Over three days, we’ll build and complete Twine games/prototypes (or as close to completion as possible). The game design process is rich with topics we’ll explore further through discussion. In particular, we’ll consider ways in which games, game design, etc. might be engaging components of curriculum.

Lastly, this professional development is meant to be fun! 🙂

Play games

Serious Games
Playful Games
Faculty Made Games
Event More Games

Reflection & Brainstorming

Brainstorming First Game

Lunch (12PM)

Picture of fruits and vegetables.
Shared Notes for Today Google Docs

Planning (1PM)

First Game Ideas
Install Twine
Explore Twine



Shared Notes for Today in Google Docs